Our small St. Nicholas community faithfully supports our regular monthly expenses. Our parish was without a rector for many years, so any donations that you kindly send will be used for continued improvements on our 90+ year- old church and our church hall.

For those wishing to earmark a donation, here are some ideas:

  • Roof replacement on the Church Hall: $3000
  • Royal Door: $1200 DONATED
  • Feast Day Tier: DONATED
  • Communion of the Apostles above the Royal Doors: $1200
  • Two additional icons for the upper tier of the new iconostas:
  • St Mary of Egypt: $400
  • Holy Prophet Daniel: $400

Icons on the sides of the iconostas:

  • St Nicholas: cost not yet determined
  • Dormition of the Mother of God: cost not yet determined
  • Gold leaf for the new iconostas and other iconography-related projects: $600

Additional icons for the side walls of the church: $200 each

  • St Sergius of Radonezh
  • New Hieromartyr Simon, bishop of Okhta
  • New Hieromartyr John, presbyter of Moscow
  • Great Martyr Panteleimon
  • Holy Archangels and Angels
  • Others yet to be determined

Please send all donations to:

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
8442 Pageville Road
Edinboro, Pa. 16412

Checks can be made out to St Nicholas Orthodox Church.

Donations can also be on PayPal. When making a donation please send it to Please email us with questions.

Thank you ahead of time for your generous offer and God bless!


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