About the Parish

1916 by Archpriest Jacob Korchinsky

Parish Council:
Priest Seraphim Wing, pastor and rector
James Hogle, president
Eugene Naglowsky, vice president
Vassa Meister, treasurer
Thekla Watson, secretary

An Orthodox community was forming in the Edinboro/Albion area already as early as 1914.  The faithful gathered for worship in homes and were served by visiting missionary priests.  One such priest was the extremely energetic Archpriest Jacob Korchinsky who founded the Nativity of Christ Orthodox Church in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1915. he Youngstown community made him aware of a smaller group further north, not far from Erie.

Fr. Jacob was active in the United States and Canada from 1896 to 1917.  He eventually returned to Russia and lived through the Soviet terror.  In June of 1941, he was arrested and August of the same year, he was executed.  He was 80 years old.*

* To read more about the missionary activities of Fr Jacob, please see:




The fledgling community near Edinboro, more precisely, in a small village called Pageville, was aided by Fr. Jacob in its preliminary organization and founding in about 1915.  He most certainly also served in this community occasionally.  The first official documentation of the community dates from 1916 and it’s incorporation is recorded with Erie County on the eve of the feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God, August 27, 1917.  The land on which our church and other buildings sit was purchased from the Madden Family for $80.00 in 1916.

The current church building was built by Anthony Petroski, in November, 1919 and underwent  renovations in 1957 when the altar area was added, and several years later when the narthex was added.  In 2012, a new iconostas was installed; the solea was extended and an ambo was added.

We are situated in a beautiful and peaceful corner of southern Erie County, surrounded by corn fields and soybean fields.  Our Parish Hall is used for Sunday School, coffee hours, and parish dinners and events.  Our Orthodox cemetery is located on the other side of a small stream which divides our property.



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